Carbide Attachment

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HEXPLATE™ SPEED SCRAPER™ 15″ plate with 6 carbide #4 chips (with or without) Super Clutch™ FOR FAST, EFFECTIVE REMOVAL OF FLOOR COATINGS • For 17 or 18″ with 1.5 HP 1,75 RPM machines. Turn lock hub fits most machine brands. • Durable, solid cast aluminum base plate, fluted for dust control • Spring-loaded tool holders for maximum floor contact • Interchangeable tools available for scraping, sanding, grinding, polishing concrete #4 HEX4CHIP CARBIDE CHIP VERY AGGRESSIVE CARBIDE CHIP WITH 8 SHARP EDGES! For scraping/removing adhesives, coatings including mastic, urethane, epoxy, thinset, carpet backing, cutback and more. SUPERCLUTCH™ SAFELY PREVENTS COUPLER BREAKAGE & BUFFER DAMAGE Protects operator from injury, prevents buffer and worksite damage, breaking of couplers & shear pins. SuperClutch™ is self-resetting (no tools or downtime!), and can also be disengaged.