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DIGABILITY PLUS LOADABILITY Krypto Klaws® handle material like an excavator grapple and effi ciently dig when necessary. That’s an unbeatable combination for more excavator productivity. The wide, heavy-duty Krypto Klaw® clamps deliver more clamping force in all positions than any bucket thumb. The Krypto Klaw® outperforms bucket thumbs because operators can use 100% of the excavator’s reach - an important benefi t for demolition - and many other jobs where reach and grip are important. Krypto Klaws® are easy to install. Excavator grapples and bucket thumbs require struts, stick brackets and welding. Krypto Klaws® attach just like a bucket, and then simply plug in the hydraulic quick connect fittings to go to work MORE PRODUCTIVITY - Krypto Klaw® clamps follow the bucket for great gripping through 100% of the curl cycle. Time wasted pulling or pushing material to position it for a thumb is eliminated. With the multi rib open clamp design, operators easily see what they are doing. Operators prefer Krypto Klaws® instead of conventional bucket thumbs because of the positive, single valve control. The dual cylinder rugged clamp provides positive load control for faster and easier loading. VERSATILITY - Krypto Klaws® are easily used on more than one machine. They are ideal for use with couplers or with pin-on machines. They can be easily used on multiple machines because mounting plate and strut bracket hassles are eliminated. This is an important feature for both rental companies or contractors that need the ability to quickly change to a bucket for continuous digging or need to set up a machine for demolition work. SATISFACTION - Krypto Klaws® grip and work better, faster, and easier than conventional thumbs, plus they dig just like an excavator bucket. Hundreds of excavator operators agree. Get a real grip on excavator productivity with a Krypto Klaw®.

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